What sets me apart, is the honesty in my story and my passion to help you discover your full potential.  

Rebecca Mackey

Health & Fitness Coach  

National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach 

As someone who has struggled with low self esteem, depression, and anxiety. I had started to lose hope in just about everything. I felt like I was never enough. I did not want to go out, I would rather stay home. Lounging around in sweats, felt better then putting on fitted clothes that made me feel self conscious. 

Finding focus and setting small goals in a fitness journey started to change my self esteem around.  

"I have been feeling a lot better. Before I started working out I always felt tired, overslept, and never felt like I had any energy. Now I wake up feeling refreshed, I wake up earlier, and I don't feel as tired throughout the day. " 

"Staying with the workout plan you gave me. Working on my food everyday. Seeing and feeling changes" 

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